Without customers, and lots of them, no business can have life. Yes, we all eat everyday, but that doesn’t mean that we can just bump into any restaurant and order a meal. The sheer number of restaurants in my local town, for instance, is overwhelming. In fact, I can decide to eat in different restaurants every day for half a year. With this reality, restaurants have an obligation to attract customers if they want to survive amidst stiff competition. At their disposal, restaurants have the following ways to attract customers.

Fast service: I once walked into a restaurant, ordered a meal, and waited for 20 minutes for the meal to arrive on my table. I was very disappointed and made a point never to step foot there again.

Good cooking: The way dishes are prepared will definitely attract or push away customers. Customers like well-cooked, delicious dishes rather than poorly cooked meals.

Rewards: Giving a free meal to a customer who has referred 30 or buying customers will not do any harm to your business. Other rewards may include holiday offerings and gift cards. I must mention discounts too.